We organize corporate trainings for all levels of employees.

Our approach:

  • Practical focus on the training effectiveness
  • Participants engagement and interest
  • Advanced learning technologies

Our directions:

Business simulations (simulation games that allow to create a situation as close to your business as possible)

  • Synergy code

  • Business Flow

  • Product-Blockbuster

  • Grand Master of Management

Management and Leadership

Effective management

  • Management. Team management

  • Remote management and its impact on management processes and interactions

  • Neuromanagement

  • Differential management

  • Coaching as a management style

  • Building of a team and its management. Influence skills

  • Developing strategic business processes and their management

  • Change management

  • Team conflict management

  • Corporate culture management

Effective leader

  • Leadership: the light and the dark sides of leadership

  • Innovative thinking in business

  • Functional leadership skills

  • Leadership, team management

  • Management of decisions

  • Delegation, coaching and coaching as management techniques

  • Self-organization and leadership styles

  • Strategic thinking

  • Time management for executives

  • Evaluation meetings

  • Feedback and coaching

  • Emotional Leadership

Efficient business

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Effective meetings

  • Management of a temporary resource unit

Effective motivation

  • Motivational management

  • Employee motivation

Effective presentation

  • Pitch presentation

  • Brave PowerPoint

  • Public speaking for executives


Sales and Negotiations

Negotiation process and sales

  • Active sales. Maximum result

  • Flexibility of thinking in the negotiation process

  • Complex negotiations and manipulation techniques

  • Leadership in sales

  • Development of creativity

  • Effective negotiations

  • Effective “cold calls”

  • TVmarketing

  • Techniques of influence and persuasion

  • Effective sales techniques

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Effective sales in the contact center

  • SPIN sales

Sales organization

      • Organization and management of the sales department

      • Sales and budget planning in the region

      • Planning and methods for predicting the company’s sales

      • Distribution Basics

      • Distribution management

      • Merchandising. Product management

      • Key Client Management

      • Territorial sales management

      • Performance management of the store sales team

Quality service

    • How to become a magnet for a customer

    • Quality customer service in the contact center

    • Key sales representative skills

    • Mastery of telephone communication

    • Salon sales. VIP customer service

    • Effective client-oriented communication

Business communications

  • Communications without barriers

  • Techniques of influence and persuasion

  • Building effective communications

  • Effective communication in the business environment

  • Business Etiquette

  • Techniques of speech, movement and gestures

  • Presentation skills

  • Mastery of presentation and public speaking

  • Presentation and public speaking skills for executives

  • Communications in the management team

  • Evaluation meetings

  • Effective meetings

  • Effective interpersonal communications in a team

  • Internal corporate communications between marketing and sales departments

Personal effectiveness

  • Creativity in solving business tasks

  • Leadership in any situation

  • Basic skills of highly effective people

  • Time management workshop

  • Development of innovative thinking

  • Developing thinking with Mind Maps

  • System thinking

  • Conflict and stress management

  • Successful presentation

  • Public speaking

  • Emotional maturity or how not to burn out at work

  • “ME” as a brand or career in a WOW-style

  • Managing personal effectiveness in the negotiation process

  • Work-life balance

Project management

  • Communications in project management

  • Mind Mapping

  • Management of a temporary resource in a project

  • Project management

  • Creativity in solving business tasks

  • 10 methods of finding new ideas


  • Pitch presentation

  • Brand marketing

  • Strategic marketing

  • Effective trade marketing. Marketing sales art

  • Marketing for non-marketers

  • Neuromarketing. Where is the consumer “button”?

  • Recipe for success in consumer management: Images. The words. Music.

  • Strategic brand management

Coaching training

  • Structure of the building and conducting of training programs

  • Methods and tools of training

  • Management of group dynamics in training

  • Speech and presentation skills

  • The art of public speaking

  • Facilitation skills

  • Building a mentoring system

  • Building a retail mentoring system

  • Feedback and coaching

  • Conducting focus groups

  • Field training

Team interaction

  • Team building

  • Secrets of a successful team

  • Effective team building

  • Effective interpersonal communication in a team

  • Communications in the management team

  • Corporate quests

Each program is developed according to a specific request and objectives of your business.

TOP-7 programs by popularity among our clients:

  • Master of negotiations
  • Leadership in the face of change
  • Express management
  • Business presentation. Pitching ideas
  • Innovative thinking in business
  • Business simulation “Synergy Code”
  • Team in action!

Our projects


To form a coordinated teamwork, create and strengthen a favorable psychological climate for the employees of Academy of Patrol Police in Kryvyi Rih, a business game “SYNERGY CODE” was held today. The event was supported by the International Criminal Investigation Program.

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Multi-module training program “Academy of Management”. The program was carried out for the top management of the company.

Employees have developed for themselves an understanding of the systemic management model and have worked out management tools in modern business

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Joint-stock company “SBERBANK”

A master class “Self-motivation. Today is your tomorrow” was conducted.

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A series of trainings “Presentation skills” (basic and advanced level) for SYNGENTA employees. Presentation skills are a part of our daily life at work. Whether you have a telephone conversation with a client or supplier, or conducting a discussion at an internal meeting, or it is the clients of the company to whom we are promoting our new product. Our presentation skills not only represent us as a strong-willed and confident person, but also reflect our company and have a lot to say.

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For the UkrTatNafta team, was held a business event “Code of Synergy”. Business simulation is a great opportunity to demonstrate in a fun way the effect of synergy in action. The business simulation was created for the company which made it possible to take into account all the

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The project for OTP Bank “Sales Mastery” was carried out. This is the second phase of the project for the Customer Service Managers team.

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How to be a modern leader and build a well-functioning team? How to identify employees competence and motivation? What is the right way to provide feedback and develop an employee, as well as achieve the set goals? All thee stated above issues were studied within 4 days by the

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A project for OTP Bank Service Sales for the Customer Service Managers team was completed. It is very pleasant when participants hone their skills in promoting bank products and create new forms of working with clients based on a personalized approach. The training was

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For the Pumb Bank Management Team, the “THE BEST SELLER” business event was held. Business simulation is a great opportunity to simulate the process of interaction and creation of the result.

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